Low Frames when streaming/recording gameplay


Jan 6, 2013
This may be the wrong thread, so if it is sorry about that.

My specs:

I5-3570k 3.4ghz
6GB 1600mhz RAM
Radeon HD 7950

I have tested multiple gamees (Warframe, Far Cry 4, Chivalry, War Thunder) on various recording programs (OBS, Fraps) and both programs say I'm recording at about 30 frames. Occasionally that will drop drown to around 25 frames. At playback, the footage is skipping and tearing. Here's]http://youtu.be/3ynm9EnsbjE]Here's an example[/url].

What do you think my problem may be? I'm thinking either RAM or GPU. Thanks.

Also, know any standalone capture cards for PC that may help?