Low Video card for Games !

Nasser Dallash

Dec 5, 2012
i have a Dell i3 n-5110 Laptop , 4 GB as RAM !
Intel HD graphics 3000

Total Available graphics Memory : 1696 MB
Dedicated video Memory : 64 MB
System Video memory : 0 MB
Shared System memory : 1632 MB

can i change this video card into one that i can play high video Games ?
because when i run a game it wont be full screened !
high resolution games make it run slowly :(
Nope. Only specific models of gaming laptops ($1,500+) have that capability (< 1% of all laptops sold). Additionally, these MXM format graphic cards are pretty expensive compared to desktop graphic cards for the performance you get and they are also very hard to find. Usually they will show up on eBay.

If you want better graphics, then you need to buy a laptop with something better than the Intel HD 3000. I generally recommend getting at least a nVidia GT 640 LE for 1366x768 resolution and the GTX 660m for 1920x1080 resolution.


Jul 24, 2011
I did noticed you are using 1.5GB of ram, you could try upgrading to 4GB or 8GB of ram.

This will make a difference to your games when you are using intel HD 3000 graphics, the faster the Ram is the better, I recommend 1600Mhz or above.