Low Watt i7 & GT 750m 4Gb VRam vs High Watt i7 & GT 740 2Gb VRam?


Jun 5, 2013
Hey, My Old Laptop is on its way out and since my living situation is mobile right now I need a Laptop I can Game on Without breaking the bank.

Im looking at

The Lennovo Ideapad z500
i7-3520M 2.9 GHz (3.6 GHz Turbo)
8 Gig ram
GT 740m 2GB VRAM

the Acer V3-572G
i7 3537u 2 GHz (3.1 GHz Turbo)
8 Gig ram
GT 750m 4GB VRAM

The acer is one of those almost ultrabooks so its thinner and lighter, looks a tad bit "cleaner", both are 15.6 in.

My question: The graphics Card on the Acer is obviously better, Higher model, double the memory, Ect.

However how bottle-necked will it be by the processor being of the U series?

will the lennovo with a better processor perform on games better because it has less of a bottle neck? even if the video card is lower?

Forgot to Mention I want to Play skyrim, league of legends and marvel heros (diablo Clone) on this.


Funny how things go.

I had a thread going about a acer with better processor and gt 730m 4gig vram vs this lenovo with the 740m then I go to the store today and they have this new model that they say isnt even on the internet yet lol.

acer headquarters is like a mile away so this seams feasible I guess

They Beefed up the video card but cut into the processor i guess


Oct 5, 2009
That's entirely dependent on the game. If the game is GPU-dependent, like a lot of FPS games, you'd reap the benefits of a better GPU. If its say, a MMO, you'd lose out due to the UM CPU's inability to cope with the load fast enough. It's a trade-off, and entirely up to you.


Jul 24, 2009
With nVidia cards, the higher the second number of the model range is the better performing the GPU will be. So with your two laptops, if your gaming, the Acer, if you need horsepower the Lenovo. Saying that, the Lenovo will still play games at decent FPS and image quality.


The Turbo Boost speeds of 3.6GHz / 3.1GHz assumes only one core is being used and the CPU is not running very hot. I would hazard to guess that when both cores are being used (like when playing any game) the max Turbo Boost speeds would be limited to 3.3GHz / 2.8GHz unless the CPU temp exceeds the thermal limits at which point the CPU will be throttled down.

As long as the laptop is not overheating then playing games should not be an issue. Having a more powerful GPU in a laptop is better than having a more powerful CPU as long as the CPU is still considered fast enough the laptop with the more powerful GPU will provide better frame rates.

Not sure why Acer includes 4GB of VRAM since you generally do not need more than 1GB unless you go beyond 1920x1200 resolution.