M18x w/ GTX 580m SLI Availability?


Jun 29, 2011

Every press release on the GTX 580m says it's now available in the M18x (and in SLI configuration). However, Dell's website still only has 6970m CF and GTX 460m and 460m SLI configurations for the M18x video card. Their sales reps also have no idea when or even whether the GTX 580m SLI configuration will be available for the M18x.

At the same time, I've seen several posts on various websites from people who claim to have ordered this configuration from Dell already. Are they available yet, and if so, where?

Moreover, I've noticed that the websites that do offer the GTX 580m in SLI configuration only allow it with 1st gen i7 processors (i.e. no Sandy Bridge). Is there a compatibility issue here (e.g. GTX 580m SLI requiring six cores)?



Apr 6, 2011
1. it's doubtful that 18x will have 580 in sli, 560 in sli maybe, because it's a similar profile to 460, but if they didn't have an option for 485, how do they plan to slap a 580 in there? I mean, power consumption alone is different from 560 to 580.

2. here as you can see they are offering desktop i7's in there, yes first gen, but after first gen they go straight to 6 core. I think this has either to do with socket support on mobo or power consumption issues they have to balance, also 2nd gen switched to a different bus type, while 1st gen and xenon are still using QPI. but the sli'd 580s require extra power adapter! so unless m18x decides to come out with that, they won't be able to run sli 580 in there.

and to finish off, if the dell sales reps can't tell you when they can get 580s then I don't see how people could have already ordered them. I think those posters are just trolling, when in fact they probably ordered 560s, which has been out for a while now and is available on machines.



You can expect the 18X to have it since most sources are saying it will have the card first: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/28/nvidia-announces-geforce-gtx-580m-and-570m-availability-in-the
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