m50x rattle with deep bass


Oct 28, 2015
so, the other day i bought some factory refurbished ATH-m50x headphones.

the website i bought them on said straight up that they don't take returns on anything that has been worn. When i use them they are great headphones, but whenever there is a very low bass i get a rattle sound out of the left speaker. honestly this doesn't really bother me that much im just paranoid that the headphones are going to break because of it or something?

Can anyone with more knowledge on headphones and audio let me know if this is something i should worry about in regards to their general functionality?

*edit* Just making sure to mention, this only happens when there is more bass that i would ever want, its not even noticeable in songs that are very bass heavy in my opinion.

only really happens in those """EXTREMEEM BASSSSS TESTSSSS"""
Probably the "rattle" is resonance.

Happens quite frequently with bass or volume.

Turn down the "extreme bass". Especially if that is "more than i would ever want".