Question MacBook for Video Editing...


Nov 29, 2014
I’m looking go purchase a MacBook Pro 16 inch w/16 GBRam and 1TB SSD. I’m using it for personal and work use for editing video using things like Final Cut, Adobe Premiere CC, Captivate, etc. I’m going with the 16 inch model for the size of the monitor and the better keyboard. Since I’m not editing hour long video (mostly shorts that are less that 10 minutes using green screen and effects, will this meet my needs (if you had to guess)?

I know I could get more bang for my buck with a laptop using Windows, but I use my iPhone and IPad Pro for a lot of my other work (not to mention filming), so having everything in the same ecosystem and an AirDrop away is super convenient. Any advice would be helpful. There have been rumors about Apple announcing an updated 13 inch next month with an even faster processor (not to mention switching to ARM processors next year) you think it’s worth the wait? Will the possible switch to ARM cause some software incompatibility possibly down the road (3-4 years)?