Question MacBook Pro 16' - Rhinoceros / Keyshot

Jan 22, 2020
Hello everyone, that's my first post here although I'm active in my national sub-forum of Tom's.

After having used W for the past 20 years and sometimes Mac, I have to replace my actual Dell Inspiron quite soon as it's about the give up...
I'm quite tired of having to buy a PC (Asus, lenovo, Dell) every 3 years as components start to break and the system gets slower, and I can see many colleagues using Macs for 6-7 years, even longer...and all seems to be fine.
My question therefore is: is a MacBook Pro 16' a good investment for what I'll mainly have to do (3D modelling on Rhinoceros and rendering with Keyshot - I'm a designer) ??

I work with very large files, up to 1Gb and that means that I need a strong platform, I know that probably spending half of the money could get a Dell with same specifications but as mentioned I'm quite annoyed by structural and system's issues after my experiences - and I take a lot of care of my PC.
My question is based on the fact that I've read a couple threads talking about some issues with the new Mac about using Rhino although it works well with most of recent models. It would be nice to hear from who know a bit more than me on the topic!

Thanks in advance

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