Question Macbook pro mid 2010 battery problem

Apr 2, 2022
Hi everyone, a month ago my macbook's battery swelled, breaking the trackpad from the inside as well.
I ordered the new one and last week I changed it by changing the trackpad as well. While I was there putting the pasta on cpu and gpu.
Once finished the mac was running great, fans not spinning too fast, low temperatures and a perfectly working battery.
Today I turned the mac back on and it gave me an error on the battery, saying it had to be changed.
I did a restart and turned it off without success.
Always the same error.
I thought it was weird because it was new and I did a SMC reset (battery disconnected and start button pressed for 5 seconds), reassembled the battery, nothing, still completely dead.

Later I found out that this procedure was for Macbook Pro with removable battery. I have performed the correct procedure but still no power.

Not even the leds on the case indicating the status light up that for me looks strange.

So I ask for a change of the battery and with the new battery the Macbook is still dead, I have no ideas.

Could I have damaged the macbook by pressing the start button for 5 seconds without battery?

If I try to start the macbook without battery it works fine, only the fans are spinning at maximum

Help me :)
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