Question MacBook Pro new battery not charging. Defective?

Sep 20, 2019
Model: MacBook Pro 13" Retina early 2015

My MacBook Pro had a battery in the condition "Replace now" so I bought a new battery on ebay and got it replaced. The problem is the MacBook identifies the battery but it is in the condition of "Replace now" and does not go above 0%. It was with 0% when I installed it since when I connected the power adapter the computer turned on.

I reseted SMC and Pram.
I'm almost sure my power adapter is fine and I can use the computer with the power adapter.
I'm thinking if I got a dead battery and that is the problem? Any other problem comes to mind?

If you could give me your opinion on the battery stats on the image attached would help a lot.

Thanks for your time and patience.