Macy's Starts Tracking iPhones in Stores

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Sep 6, 2012
Pique your interest, are you serious mate!? Toms' has gone to the dogs over the last few years, misinformed rushed articles all over the shop written by illiterates.


Apr 10, 2006
@Marshall Honorof

Read the headline - "Macy's Starts Tracking iPhones in Stores". Which sounds like they are doing it to all iPhone users. While in reality, it is a voluntary app, and not iPhone-only. But these clickbait jokers have already worn many a patience thin as a razor, mine included. Toms Hardware used to be a website about technology - not sensationalism a la Faux "News". Sometime around 2008 it all went to the pooper, when "Best of Media" got involved - I blocked out their entire domain with adblock (so that they don't get any revenue from me) a long time ago. They went after iPhone crowd, which the marketing types saw as "cool" or "hip", but they are gonna loose their core crowd of real computing enthusiasts in exchange. FFS, if we wanted to hear Apple consumer electronics news, we would be on 9to5mac or macdailyrumours, or something. Oh, and if you are gonna say "This is Toms Guide", hold it and shut it. It shows up on Toms Hardware, so fair game.
Not open for further replies.
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