Magic Touch: Bank App Verifies You by Your Typing Style

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Oct 2, 2009
The article criticizes current bio-metric methods because they "require extra hardware and therefore extra money." But then goes on to say that this new method is "still far into the future, as it would require much more memory and nuance than today's devices can support" By nuance they mean a keyboard that can detect which part of the key was struck and how hard it was struck. That seems like much more extra hardware and expense then the currently proven bio-metric readers.
1: "No one likes passwords." Well, those of us who need security do like them, as part of a fuller authentication protocol.

2: Reminds me of the days of the telegraph. At least according to Western fiction, the operators could recognize each others' "fists." A plot element involves bad guy seizing station, using telegraph, receiver recognizing that this is not the expected operator. So we're back to that.
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