Major stuttering in premier - dont know why

Tim Kohler

Sep 28, 2013
ok, i3770 3.5
24 gig ram 1333 ( 23.2 usable)
win 7 64x ultimate
Wacom touch pen interface
2x Ati Radeon 6870 1gb gddr5 ( usually un-crossfired)

now, I more than meet the minimum needs for adobe premier, but sometimes, when I am using it, it grinds to a near halt and "becomes unresponsive" between simple actions. I checked online and it said to shut off the gpu setting, which I could not find on my version of adobe premier CS5.5. So, I figure my scratch disk drive is too full. so I free up 50 gig or so by uninstalling some games im not playing. I run my registry cleaner, and I still have the same problem.

Is it because I de-frag my HDD once a week ? did some of the files get shifted and this is causing major problems in performance ?

I mean I know this is not an adobe forum, but I figure it has to be a hardware problem, because it is not a constant issue.

Windows has control of my paging and virtual memory. *sigh* I could change that.

What I am doing is creating my own cartoon in it. which I am sure , is not what this program is designed for, but I find it much more intuitive to use than flash for some reason. its a comfort / time issue for me.

this picture shows on the left what the key frames look like over view, and the right side has them under closer scrutiny, you can see how the small files for the lip syncing, are .... "zerg-like". the red line is in the same place, for reference.

Am I trying to make my pc do too much ? have I gone beyond consumer grade ability ?

last cartoon link : for reference. low production values, but hey, its a 2 man show with 1 man doing all the computer work.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


Are the .png files you use animations or stills? If they are animations have you considered exporting them from Photoshop (assuming you use Photoshop) as .gif files which are smaller in size than the .png files? If they are still images have you considered exporting them as .psd (Photoshop files) or .jpg files?
Considering the number of images in use it may help if they were smaller file sizes and in another format.

Defragging your hard drive once a week should adversely affect the performance of Premiere. I would check to see if anything is using a lot of the resources since 24GB of RAM should be more than enough.

To disable the GPU try Project>Project Settings>General, for video rendering and playback. Then make sure Mercury Playback Engine only is selected.
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