Making the right choice for a budget laptop


Apr 3, 2014
Hello, this is probably a silly question but I really want to see what other people think about which of these 2 laptops make more sence:

1: ASUS with an i5 3337U, GT 740m, aluminum body and a painfully average 1366x768 TFT screen.

2: Acer with an i3 3110m, GT 730m, plastic and bigger body, but with a gorgeous IPS 1080p screen.

Now, I'm a student and will use my laptop for studies, multimedia and some gaming ( yes I know that these are pretty weak for that but they'll do).

I've seen both of them in person and the ASUS is better in every way except for that dreadfull screen, but I guess I could live with it.

So does it make sence to get the laptop with the worse specs and brand just for that screen or should I just stick with the reliable and beautiful ASUS ?

Oh and please dont suggest other laptops. These are the 2 best choices for the money in my country.


Sep 22, 2011
I'd go with the Asus. I had a 1280 x 800 when I went to college a few years ago and it was fine. I didn't have a high-res display before that laptop though. I'd rather have a more reliable computer than a pretty display.

Dunno if it's relevant, but most people prefer games to be at the same resolution as the display. By using the lower resolution display, you would be able to use higher detail setings. If you frequently watch 1080p video content, then the 1080p monitor is the way to go. 1080p makes default text smaller though, so it's more difficult to read on a small 1080p display.


Apr 3, 2014
Forgot to write the models: Asus k56 cb and Acer V3 571G. Thanks for your opinions. Yeah the cpu is decent on the acer, especially since that i5 is low voltage. As for the high res on a small screen: I don't mind smaller text, especially when you can scale things up. For me more important than the res is the color reproduction and viewing angles. I'm leaning towards the Acer just because of that damn screen. I actually do have a nice 21.5 1080p montor from my desktop so the problem with the Asus would be gone, but I won`t be taking it with me.
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