Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review: Give Old Games a Boost

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Jun 19, 2018
I have to explain that first of all I bought this at another large internet seller not Amazon but that doesnt matter at all.. I bought there gold cable which is 4K compatible.. After connecting this cable I really didnt see much of a difference and several times a day when I turn on my 65 LG 4k TV I would get a message that I had an input error sometimes I would just disconnect the cable and reconnect and it would be fine and other times I would have to restart the TV and my Tivo bolt that I had connected to it and then it would work.. BUT THATS NOT THE ISSUE.. I contacted the manufacturer Marseille and the only option was to leave a message and after 3 days a representative got back to me.. Now this is where the story goes very wrong and I mean completely crocked wrong.. The rep asked where I had purchased it and what color cable I had and I told him.. He then stated that the company " Marseille" had a distributor that was selling some used damaged gold version cables alone with new ones to companies like even Amazon.. And therefore they where no longer honoring the WARRANTY on get this ALL gold cables no matter where you purchased it from whether an authorized seller or not.. I was outraged this means that a company just decide in my opinion "hey are cables are not working as they should and where getting a lot of returns lets just MAKE UP a story about a bad distributor and no longer warranty our cable that solves the problems for us.. NOT the buyer who cares about them.. " This no matter whether this way I feel version is correct or not this is just a terrible companies solution.. What about the thousands of buyers that purchased this cable from legitimate suppliers like Amazon and the one I purchased from Marseille does not seem to care about them or the way they look in the buyers eyes.. WOW..
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