Marvell, Lenovo Collaborate on Flagship Android Smart TVs

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Jul 10, 2010
I have a Samsung 46" Smart HDTV, model code UN46D6000. I wish this thing worked properly. You can typically only watch one movie, or a couple episodes on Netflix, before having to completely exit out of the software and restart. It's just that bad. It stop working. Not only that, the audio in the Netflix app is horrible. You can never hear voices. You have to crank the volume all the way up to hear it.

Now that I've ranted, is this "the norm" for most smart tv's, and its Netflix app, or did Samsung just screw the pooch here? Down the road, I want to go bigger, and maybe go back to a 60Hz model, instead of this 120Hz BS, that looks really funky whenever there's fast motion. Example: Horse running across the screen, all the background between its legs and around its body are completely distorted and look like crap. The picture is absolutely beautiful otherwise.


Sep 20, 2012
Let me know when these come with a decent chip. T4 doesn't cost more than $25 most likely ($30 tops?), so why are we getting weak chips in these? I'd expect at least S600 quad or T4 currently (or heck octa as it wouldn't have heat issues etc in a TV) and max ghz like a T4 1.9ghz just like a top tablet. Any ARM based TV should be potent enough to play all the games on googleplay or what is the point? Wireless for a gamepad (if it's running android it should work with xbox360/ps3 gamepads) and support for mouse/keyboard so I can browse from the couch if desired. Again, otherwise what is the point?

The cache seems to be half of others, dual core still 1.2ghz, crap graphics, what is this supposed to do that my bluray/roku etc doesn't already do? This won't power "tomorrows" smart center applications...LOL. In a unit this big (meaning this isn't a tablet), I expect top end quad with a great gpu for the kids for gaming with a gamepad.
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