Master Bath Speaker System Advice?


Dec 16, 2012
My wife and I are redoing our house and decided we would like to incorporate speakers in our Master Suite, including the bathroom. Has anybody here done something like this before and willing to help guide us in the right direction?

Here are some things to know:
Our suite is a linear shape (bedroom then bathroom then closet).
We will likely house any equipment necessary in the large closet (already has electrical outlets)
We want a set of in-ceiling speakers in both the bathroom (waterproof) and bedroom.
We want the ability to switch which speakers are hot (ex: set A is only in the bathroom, set B only in the bedroom).
We plan to connect a couple different devices via HDMI or RCA, and would also like to have a radio as well

We'd also like to incorporate the following, however these are not deal breakers:
In-wall volume control near the bathroom sink and/or bedroom.
Remote control.
In-room audio controls (either bed or bath).

Any thoughts on configuration, types of equipment needed, recommended products (particularly waterproof speakers) is greatly appreciated.
Companies like SONANCE make architectural speakers, that are built into the walls and ceilings...and they have the controls, switches, etc.
What you need is a home theater installer contractor.
If you are in California,
Or elsewhere, check your local contractors board for a licensed installer.