Solved! MDR-1000X - Aux to Soundcard, to Motherboard, or Bluetooth Adaptor


Mar 11, 2011
Hi all... hoping a proper audiophile can help point me in the right direction here...
I've had a look around and while there are some similar posts asking about wireless/Bluetooth headphones and soundcards I can't quite work out what the best solution would be for me.

I have:
  • Sony MDR-1000X headphones (i.e. noise canceling & Bluetooth capabilities)
  • PC with a ASUS Xonar DX soundcard
  • It also has a MSI Motherboard (Z270 GAMING M5)
The MDR-1000X are lovely headphones imo (comfortable, noise cancelling, good base when on to my ears at least) and probably the best quality headphones I have available to me where I am atm.
The Xonar DX is something I've kept from older PC builds out of habit really... thinking it's likely to be better than an onboard MB soundcard, but which might not be true any more?

I'm currently isolating away from my own home and (foolishly) did not bring my normal 2.1 PC speakers with me... which leaves me with these headphones.

Ultimately, I guess my question(s) are:
  1. What would give me the "best" audio experience (with these headphones)?
    subjective I know
  2. Can they be used wirelessly to achieve that?
  3. Long term, should I stick with my soundcard or use the onboard MB one?
At the moment I do not have a Bluetooth adapter, and am instead connecting them via an Aux cable to the soundcard (not the MB).
After some back and forth I think I do prefer having them turned on.
I don't 'hate' having to use an aux cable, but if I can keep the current quality and go wireless that would be great.

I've seen other posts mention that if you use Bluetooth for headphones then you're bypassing soundcards, and are instead reliant on the DAC and any amplification in the headphones themselves.
Would I be right in thinking that's what I'm hearing when I have them plugged in (via aux) but then also turn them on?

All in all... I'm fairly confused so really any insight would be hugely appreciated :sweatsmile:


1. You have the headphones and computer and card there, try them on both card and onboard ports see if you can hear a difference.

2. A good Bluetooth transmitter sounds about as good as wired audio, but won't ever be as good. If you can hear the difference is again up you if you can hear it or not.

3. Up to you whatever you like better. If you are in the habit of using the card it's not going to do harm to anyone if you keep using it till you lose your hearing.

Yes using Bluetooth does not use the sound card output.

If you don't have a Bluetooth adapter on the computer then you are not listening to the speakers over Bluetooth. What may possibly be happening is that the headphones also have a small amp in them to drive them when on Bluetooth, if you turn on the power it may be using that amp to boost the signal to the drivers.
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