Media player with seperate sound channel volume

Bakhus Mps

Dec 5, 2014
Hi all,

This is what we got:

1. Yamaha RX-V467 Receiver
2. Yamaha NS-333 (2x) speakers - front
3. Philips (2x) speakers - rear (surround)
4. Yamaha YST SW030 subwoofer
5. Creative (2x) speakers - center
6. Realtek ALC1150 onboard - DTS connected to the reciever through optical cable

I usually play movies with MPC-HC > VLC > BSPlayer.
I usually play music with foobar (flacs).

The problem:

Rear speakers are too quiet and can barely hear them in 5.1 setup for movies so I have to turn them up from the reciever, probably caused by bad placement, but I cannot change this.

So far so good, but when I switch to music and pick 7.1 Enhancer fill (so the receiver fills all channels with the original stereo music), the rears are too high and have to turn them down from the receiver. It can be pretty annoying to do this every time I switch from movie/games to music.

Also, cause connected through optical cable, DTS takes all settings away from me. No room correction or basically any other setting except effects (Hall, Room, Bathroom etc)

Theory solutions:

Find a player either for movies with custom channel volume settings (so for example I can turn the rear speakers up when playing a movie)

Any help?

The surround channels in movies are not used much of the time. You can't turn up the volume when there is nothing there. You only make the sound louder when there is any.
Balance your system correctly as per the manual or the auto set up. Each speaker should be at the same volume in your listening position when calibrated. This is hard to do in your case because you have speakers that are very different sounding. The auto set up may not work right so try and do it by ear or get a sound level meter.
Then choose a different surround mode (DTS neo6) or use one of the soundfield modes on the receiver that will give you more sound all the time when you watch movies.

Bakhus Mps

Dec 5, 2014
I am thankful for your willingness to help, but you missed the point of my problem.
My receiver has YPAO technology with auto calibrates speakers, but I dont use that since the rear speakers are too low in movies, games but too high when forced on 7 chan enchancer for stereo music.
This is caused by bad placement of rear speakers, has nothing to do with speaker type, it's only about volume.
So, caused by this bad placement, I need to turn volume for rear speakers higher from the receiver settings, but when listening to stereo music and emulating stereo to rear speakers, they are too loud and overwhelm front and center speakers.

I need a way to turn the rear speakers higher on software level, based on application, say a setting in VLC or MPC-HC, that turns rear higher in movies (games arent so much of a problem).

I dont think I can make it more clear, but I can try if needed to give more details.