Mediocre quality tight space sound bar or speaker


Jul 25, 2010
I am looking for a speaker. Budget is $80 +/- $10.

This speaker is mainly for senior citizens. (My parents) They will simply stream some TV drama that they miss online. The speaker need not to be that high-end. Preferably a mid-end. This isn't even used for music listening or this is no HD feat too. Yet audio quality should not be too insulting. If the sound is more or less on par with usual car's audio system, then it should be ok.
But I prefer that the speaker is a sound bar or something flat and long. I would like to put this between keyboard and the computer screen. The length is 32 inches max as that's all the space I got. I got about 6-8 inches space between keyboard and monitor. That is just a preference though.

But if that is not possible, I am also up for other type of speaker. But the speaker should not be too tall (say 4 inches maximum) or the speaker will block some part of the screen. The table is a little small, unfortunately.

With these requirements, are there any speaker I should be looking at?
if all they need are average speakers for web viewing episodes then i would just buy them a $40 2.1 logitech set and be done with it. the speakers are more than good enough for this purpose. i gifted my parents one and my uncle also has one and they work fine. not on par with my speakers but for 2% the budget they sure do work good!
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