memory card usb port wasn't working anyway...I tried hitting the "disconnect" incase that would reconnect. Wrong - it just di


Dec 1, 2014
Laptop is beginning to show insensitivity to USB ports.

The memory card usb z: drive had a big red x on it for quite some time. Hitting the "disconnect" did not turn out well, the drive just "disappeared" now and no longer shows on my computer menu.

Am trying to download some sound files for class assignment from a TASCAM recorder, Laptop worked once but not now. It stopped.

I have been working to keep all the drivers up todate, but am working with a lot of programs (maya, unreal, zbrush, etc. - GAMING Major, so I worry about wrecking things! I am not a computer soft or hardware guru.


Apr 16, 2013
Have you tested the usb drive in another computer?

Lets try removing the USB drive from the machine. Once you remove it, please restart the computer.

Once the computer boots back up, reinsert the memory card into the machine. Does it show up in the Computer window? If it does, properly format the memory card and then you can begin to use it.

You may also need to open up Disk management and delete the volume and create a new volume, then format it (it should format upon creating new volume.) This should also assign a drive letter to it and make it show up in "Computer" so you can add your files to it.

Let me know if these options work out, or if you have more questions about why or how to do something.