Question Mic crackling/popping

Jelle Osselaer

Apr 1, 2015
Hello everyone,

This will be my first post here. I recently started using skype/discord with some friends and they all said they could hear some strange crackling/popping noises coming from my mic. I guess I could best describe it as a helicopter or gun shots in the distance. I was using an old headset at the time so I figured it was just broken and needed to be replaced. I went ahead and bought a new headset and sure thing... same problem. It's audible both from the front panel audio jack and audio jack on the back (motherboard). I tried connecting/disconnecting everything that's plugged in to my computer but to no avail. The sounds pretty much pops up at random and is even audible through my headset when I turn my volume up to max.
The sounds is hearable right around the 5s mark.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is a really annoying problem.