Question Mic is not clear

May 15, 2020
I've used my JBL headset and connected it to the mic port with another earbuds connected to the sound since I have no adapter. Anyways I've tried to mix both the JBL records my voice but it sounds distant and when I decrease the boost level it becomes even more distant ! And if I put it on max there is so much noise it's hard to hear my voice. I've tried everything in the sound system I plugged it on the back, front I tried every solution out there. Also when I plugged a bluetooth headset the mic just gave a crackling sound when recording. No voice nothing and if I change the settings they dont work. So I saw a post that says its hopeless to plug it into the mic port instead use a USB adapter or a USB headset/mic. Will it work ?
Yes I uninstalled the driver, downloaded realtek everything is up to date, privacy is not on.. etc. + the sound works fine just the mic.
Windows 10, MSI B250-PROVD, intel i7-7700,nvidia 1060 6g, 8 RAM
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