Question Mic makes my audio crash


May 26, 2017
ill try and be as descriptive as possible so sorry for the long read but I've had this problem for a little while now where if my computer activates my mic on my headset like using discord or just other voice chats then all the audio will shut off on my headset and my mic doesn't work and even any youtube videos I am watching freak out and say "audio rendering error" now when I first had the problem I read that maybe it was a power draw problem so I bought a powered USB hub and the problem stopped for a while then came back even more sensitive as before I could make it not happen every 1 in 10 times or so but not now this time and when it happens I have to unplug and replug my headset to even get sound back. if I disable my mic in audio devices then it doesn't go off and lets me hear people in the call without talking but the headset is a pair of hyperx cloud 2s so they have to option of USB or just plugging in with a 3.5mm jack and even when I plug the 3.5mm into the mic slot the same thing happens and it doesn't seem to be specific to this headset as it seemed to do the same thing to my BlueTooth headset when plugged in via USB but it did not do anything when I plugged some generic headphones into the mic jack they didn't register anything no mic or anything that may just be those headphones but I assume if they registered an input it would cause the same problem but I can't be sure so any idea what the problem may be? or any troubleshooting ways to fix it?

Things I've tried:
plugging into every USB and 3.5mm jack on my computer (none worked)
plugging into a powered USB hub (worked for a while then came back even more sensitively)
updating headset firmware (nothing)
updating drivers (nothing)
plugging in a different pair of cloud 2's into the same 3.5mm to USB cable (didn't work)
disabling the mic (works for making the audio not cut out but not being able to talk is still a problem)

TL;DR: when my mic activates on my headset all my audio cuts out and i have to unplug them to get it back
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