Question mic problem, audio loop

Jul 14, 2019
As of last night my mic has decided to go on strike. i was on discord chatting away friend went away for about 5 min and when he got back my mic was dead and he was hearing everything my pc played. i have astro A10 headset and asus z170 board. i have tryed the headset in the front and back with and with out the jack splitter on my pc and i can hear just fine but no mic. the mic IS showing up it just reading pc sounds noy my voice, with and with out splitter on my phone and mums phone the mic works just fine so i dont think its the head set. i have sent a few hours looking up and trying things. like enableing and disabling the stereo mix. turning the mic setting off and on in windows setting, updating the drivers for realtek, and some other little things i found online but here i am. i would try another headset to test the ports but the only other headset i have i know has a dead mic so not all that helpful.
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