Question mic randomly shuts off

Jul 22, 2019
This may seem obvious to more experienced folk, but I'm tearing my hair out. I run sound for a Buddhist sangha, and we have been having problems with the mic cutting out, and just by unplugging and replugging the mic, the sound comes back.
We rent space in a Unitarian church, and they have a panel on the wall with a couple of xlr connections to go to their amp.

Their amp does not provide phantom power and the usual presenter's favorite Countryman earhook requires it, so we have a small Rolls three mic mixer just to provide the phantom power (it provides 12 VDC) and then to plug into the house system. It worked fine for more than a year, but then started randomly shutting off.

While trying to diagnose this problem we:
o replaced the cable on the countryman
o substituted a Rode lav for the countryman
o substituted another Rolls mic mixer
o substituted a ProFX 8 v2 which supplies 45 VDC phantom power

Eventually we had substituted everything except for the house system, but I can't think of a way that the house amp could fail in a way that unplugging and replugging the mic would instantly and reliably fix it.
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