Sarah Devine

Sep 19, 2013
I have an Online interview in less than one hour, i just got a headset (well another one last one broke) and its the SAME thing as last time, i plug my mic in and it works through the headphones and i can check level bars and watch them go up and down ect when i talk but when it comes to games, ventrillo, team-speak you name it my mic never works! no one can ever hear me even tho when i push hotkeys it lights up like i have a mic, ive messed about countless times in audio settings and realtek manager settings it never changes, the way i have my audio set up atm is

My PC is connected to my HDTV via HDMI from my graphics card to my HDMI slot in my pc and my stereo is connected to my TV into the headphone slot using AUX since HDMI cables take sound aswell as picture so connecting my speakers to my pc was ..pointless since it was all playing out the little built in speaker bar in the tv, anyway im still really stuck on how this happens

my mic has two wires one red one black and i put one in mic and select it as MIC via realtek and the other other one has headphones and select as headphones, one odd thing is if i do one without the other it wont work at all? if i just plug one wire as mic in nothing works can somone PLEASE help me