Mic works half the time.


Nov 9, 2014
I encountered this strange problem about a week ago. I didn't have any problems whatsoever with my current Headset (Audio & Mic) setup ever since I bought it in June. The problem started during one of my Skype calls. My friends were saying that they couldn't hear me for the past 30 mins or so during a game (Dota 2) session. I was in a skype call for around 2 hours before this, and the Mic worked fine.

Ever since that incident, my Mic has been working only half the time. When my Mic isn't functioning, my friends say that they are able to hear soft static noises and not my voice.

Things I've done:
1) Upgrading to Windows 10 (Thought that it was a Windows 8.1 issue)
2) Repair Installing Windows 10 (When the problem persisted, I did a reset of the OS)
3) Tested with another functional headset (Same problem - Audio was fine, Mic was not)
4) Check Mic properties under recording devices (Turning volume level to 100)
5) Reinstalling drivers under device manager. (Worked for a while, before old problem began)
6) Tested other USB/Audio/Mic ports. (Same issue)

I'm feeling really frustrated now as I can't seem to pinpoint the source of the problem. :fou:
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