Microfone in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

Rui Fernandes

Aug 2, 2009

My specs are:
1- i7 920 + Zalman COoler
2- 6gb ram Patriot 3x2
3- 1tb WD green label
4- asus deluxe p6t version 2
5- Geforce 280 gtx oc
6- Fatality Case
7- CoolerMaster 900 Watts
8 - X-fi SoundCard Fatality Pro Series
9 - Speakers - Logitech z 5500 Digital 5.1.

Using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bits.

The problem is that i can´t get the microfone working properly, for some reason the windows (sound settings) say that i don´t have any microfone connected to the Sound Card output (I dont have any Front Panel outputs). I got some "What u Hear" creative Sb X-fi working (sound settings at recording tab).

Since i have a reasonable sound card i disable the audio from Motherboard, didn´t conected the cables from audio to avoid any conflicts problems.

The speakers are conected to the digital output of the soundcard, and my Zalman headphones are conected to the analogic outputs from the soundcard, so i get sound at the same time on Headphones and Speakers. (Having digital and analogic sound at same time provides conflits to the microfone?)

Noticed also, that my headphones are recognized by windows as speakers and not as headphones.

What do i have to do to get the microfone working?

Best Regards,

Rui Fernandes
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