Question Microphone audio interference EMI

Aug 5, 2019
I have been getting very large amount of EMI and fan noise with my current setup, I am using a Rode Procaster, connected to a Focusrite solo.
Spent some time trying to figure it out with a friend and seems like just very high levels of interference.
I have turned the Solo up to max gain, and Windows to 100 to showcase the problem, which does occur at all audo levels but the louder the settings are the more prominent it is, so might be easier to diagnose this way.
In the first 5 seconds of the clip the microphone is in the location it would normally be in for me, and then after that I move it closer to the PC which amplifies the interference. Some of that is fan noise (generally my fans are quiet but mic seems to pick them up a lot) and then the rest is just awful static.
Here is a recording when I set the focusrite to 5/10 on the gain.
Connected everything to my macbook and switch the PC off. Midway through here I flick the switch the PC PSU is connected to at the wall off, and the squeel goes away as heard here Though I am struggling to consistantly replicate that.
To make everything more confusing, I turned all power switches off, and PC off. Using macbook with battery only I used a blue snowball connected via USB and the issue of the high pitch squeel still occurs.

What steps can I take to improve this?
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