Microphone buzzing


Aug 1, 2011
Hello There.
My problem is that my micrphone doesn't work any more.
it worked like 5 days ago and now this...
instead of hearing my voice i only hear buzzin and buzzin and buzzin...
dialog-320 logitech micrphone,external
everything is plugged in as it was earlier

all i remember that has changed is that i plugged in a network cable into the back of the computer and that i had to pull out the main electricity cable twice because it wouldn't let me restart the computer.
and i pulled all the cables out because i had to put another computer at that place.
i connected everything together again.
the normal problem like i usually would get from doing this is that i would have to set my audio to be from speakers and not from the intergrated ones from the computer.(the ones next to the CD-rom)
but this is new to me...
5days before it worked perfectly and i just got the microphone.... =(

i tried a bunch of things
idk what to do

i have this piece of *** realtek audio manager or whatever
it's confusing and i can't find much about it on the net
well at least nothing useful...

i can't hear my voice or anything,i can only hear buzzing.

Please Help!
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