Question Microphone has loud buzzing noise but ONLY when alt tabbed into a game

Jun 27, 2020
So I've seen similar issues to what I have but nothing that I've done fixes the issue. My microphone buzzes loudly whenever I'm alt tabbed into any video game. It's happened in Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, and Path of Exile. I've also toggled on Vsync because I heard that was a fix and that didn't fix the issue.
Ive updated all of my drivers and they all say "you have the latest drivers", I've reinstalled Windows 10 using the reset PC function that removes all files and programs, I've grounded my PC to make sure it wasn't that issue either. I've used an external sound card as well that only makes my mic incredibly quiet but the SAME level of loudness in the buzzing. I've tried both audio ports in the front and the back of my PC. All of these methods did not reduce the buzzing at all.

I'm really at a loss here, I think I've tried just about everything with to no avail
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