Question Microphone in my headset is not picking up my voice when connected to PC but it works fine on my Phone.

Oct 26, 2020
Hello my headphone model is A4Tech HS-19 Comfort Stereo HeadPhone with Dual Ports One for Mic and one for the headset. I bought it about a month ago and everything was fine until suddenly yesterday, my pc was not picking up my microphone sound. I checked sound settings as well as devices and it was shown that microphone is plugged in. I even reinstalled my audio and microphone drivers but my pc is still not picking up sound from my mic. My sound is only picked up if I blow really hard into the mic or if I bring the mic near my mouth and shout in it. However, there problems do not occur when I use my headset in my phone. My phone easily picks up my sound. Does anyone know the problem?
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