Question Microphone no longer getting voice

Nov 4, 2020
First time I haven’t been able to resolve an issue through googling.

Last night my computer stopped registering my voice through my microphone. Discord hears some static that I can make worse by jiggling the connection, but there no noticeable change no matter how loud of a noise I make. Windows does not even see the static

The microphone is still good, it works on my laptop.

I have tried the 2 mic ports on my computer and a usb dongle that takes in an input from a mic and a pair of headphones, same result no input received. However, using my webcame or a Bluetooth mic works for some reason.

Solutions I’ve tried: rebooting my pc, updating windows, using the windows troubleshoot (says theres no issue), reinstalling my audio drivers, capping out the boost with HD Realtek.

Any ideas of where to start would be greatly appreciated.