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May 25, 2019
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I'll go straight into details my headset is redragon ares, my mic works on facebook. i recorded a video my mic works. but when im ingame like pubg lite steam games my mic doesnt work my friend said he can hear something but its not loud even though my microphone volume is on max and i have my boost on. and it works when i start a steam voicechat but the built-in ingame voice chat it doesnt. what is the problem? pls. help

Headphone: Red dragon Ares
Works fine in: Facebook voice call, Steam chat voice call, Discord, and Recordings. except for any game that has a built in mic.
Problem: When using the built in Mic in game its too quiet almost nothing can be heard from me but i can hear my friends. Because of this we just use either facebook voice call or steam chat voice call which is fine but its only us two that can communicate, i want to communicate with our other members too especially in PUBG.
Everything in my volume is set to 100% double checked and my boost is at +30.0% db(Mostly its on +20.0% when we are using the facebook voice call and steam voice call because its too loud in 30)
My audio driver is realtek high definition audio.

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