Question Microphone quality randomly dropped i need to fix it.

Feb 22, 2023
Greetings everyone im such a noob in computers and i need some help, i’ve been looking for someone who had the same issue but no one did.

My microphone quality was really well (i use a headset) then all of a sudden one day my microphone stopped working, it got randomly disabled so after a troubleshooting it was back on but as i started talking my friend noticed that my microphone quality was bad and it was all muffled. It was perfectly fine before it randomly got disabled. I tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling the microphone on Device Manager, i went though so many tutorials and my microphone is still ass. I tried to take my other headset to see if it was a problem but apparently my mic quality is the same no matter what headset i use. If anybody has an idea of how i can repair that, please let me know.