Question Microphones in get the most out of them

Sep 8, 2020
I have purchased two webcams now that include mics. The first one produced a garbled, muffled sound...I'm pretty sure that webcam wasn't very good. The second just records at a very low volume.

I have made all the adjustments I can find described anywhere. I'd like to be able to do some real recording, both of my singing and my speaking. Is the problem that I need to find we cams with better mics? If so, which ones are they? Would using some sort of audio interface help? If so, which one?

I'm on a pretty small fixed income, so I can't spend a lot. Any advice you can give me will be deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance!


The only ones I can think of with decent mics are expensive due to COVID, Logitech and Microsoft models. Recording singing through a webcam is a bad idea anyway, I wold just get a regular microphone, what type depends on how exactly you will be recording for position of the mic. The Blue Snowball is a good buy at $50 maybe some random generic mics will do also but quality control and audio quality may not be worth the savings
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Sep 8, 2020
Thank you! I had hoped perhaps others might have recommendations. I do have a professional-quality stand-alone mic, and am using it even for my Zoom meetings, since my webcam mic is so bad.
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