Solved! Microphones on my headsets appear to be weak. People say that can barely hear me.


May 5, 2013
Alright so I have these really old Turtle Beach X12 headset I bought like 5 years ago. They were great on my xbox and appeared to have little no issues when I would talk with my team mates. Recently built myself a gaming PC and decided to use those same turtle beach headphones, however, everyone tells me that my mic makes me sound like I am very far away. The only way it sounds normal is if the mic is literally right next to my lips, almost touching. I thought it was probably just old hardware so I decided to buy a new headset. Got myself that Razer Essential Bundle for $45 on clearance from walmart which comes with a kraken headset. The sound out this headset is a lot clearer but it still has the same issue as my old turtle beaches, the mic literally has to be next to my lips for anyone to hear me normally, if not I sound super far away. A second downside to the kraken is that whenever I put the mic close enough to my mouth so that people can hear me talk it picks up my breathing. Any idea what the issue is? I have been trying to look for any kind of mic sensitivity settings on windows but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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