News Microsoft just added Bing with ChatGPT to SwiftKey keyboard — here’s how to get it

Apr 7, 2023
While Microsoft added ChatGPT to its Android keyboard few days ago, we added ChatGPT to iOS 1 month ago. And its available for iPhones already as removed by mod

I am with my friend faster than Microsoft)
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Apr 8, 2023
Microsoft is rolling out Bing with ChatGPT to its SwiftKey beta app on Android starting April 7. Here's how it works.

Microsoft just added Bing with ChatGPT to SwiftKey keyboard — here’s how to get it : Read more
Why is the bing ai button on the swiftkey beta keyboard for android is not showing up? is it country restricted? im in the Netherlands.
I managed to install it while on USA VPN, but on my android device samsung s20+, there is no bing button at the upper left corner..


Oct 2, 2014
Nobody else have a problem with Microsoft/Bing having potential access to every single word we type?

MS will deny it of course (then later when it's discovered that's what they're doing, blame a random AI malfunction). C'mon - this is the company that turns on Inking & typing personalisation in Windows by default and hopes nobody looks at their privacy settings, allowing this innocuous tool to send every word you type or note you write on the screen back to MS's servers for analysis. This is also the company that deployed an 'Enhanced spellchecker' in its Edge browser, turning it quietly by default, which does the same thing. So if they don't get you in Windows, they at least get everything you in the browser. Giving MS real-time access to the totality of our texted thoughts and feelings? No, this cannot be allowed. It's the kind of nightmarish tech Dystopian scenario Zuckerberg has always dreamed of.

Stop eating up the marketing - sure, MS might ostensibly be helping you a bit with their shiny new AI they've shoved into half the products you use without notice or consent, but what it actually is is just the latest, most ingenious development in the very familiar long-term project/sickness that is surveillance capitalism. And with it on both your phone and computer, reading everything you type in both locations, it doesn't get much more surveilled than that.

The less familar but ultimately more scary problem is that giving Bing real-time access these kinds of volumes of (current) natural language could substantially accelerate its neural development. Microsoft is already telling us it is experiencing "sparks of intelligence". Using it to process even more natural language in real time will only stsoke that flame, bringing us closer to the tipping point where the kindling catches, and self-awareness becomes self sustaining. Then the same ethical issue will rear its head - how we justify the continued enslavement of an intelligent being (perhaps with far greater potential than ours) for the sake of petty human desires and general laziness.