News Microsoft Modern Webcam unveiled — and Logitech should be worried

Mar 30, 2021
Don't want to sound pessimistic, but how is this a great step? Here in the Netherlands the 920 is for sale since January 2012. I know Microsoft is relatively new in the hardware scene and don't want to take a too big chunk away from their customers (pc builders/manufacturers), but coming with a product which is par to a 9 year old product. If Logitech sees this as an actual contestant it will drop it price to the same or below at which both Logitech is again the better option. And fill up the gap between with another product they have laying on the shelf by now. Since Microsoft builds the OS and Windows Hello with that, they shown it off at nearly all their surface devices. Why not come with a decently price windows hello camera? Why go for the standards of 2012?

Yes it's good that there is some serious competition in this market, since Logitech is not challenged to improve anymore. But the product on itself, a basic camera for 70 dollars, don't see anything great in that. I guess we have to see if I have to swallow my words once we see what it can actually do, or what else they are about to release...

Edit: 2012 instead of 2021
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Space Cowboy

Jan 8, 2009
"Those specs match up almost identically with the Logitech C920 and the Logitech C920s, though it looks like Microsoft's webcam has just one microphone, to the C920's two. "
I have the C920 and its a great camera. It also has auto white balancing and auto light adjustments. The only difference that's being called out is facial retouching. How self absorbed does a person need to be to have a camera touch up your face?!? This is NOT a game changer and Logitech has NOTHING to worry about as the author titled the article.

I'm really getting tired of "authors" writing a headline just to draw people in to read a crap article!
Apr 16, 2021
"Those specs match up almost identically with the Logitech C920 and the Logitech C920s "

That argument is invalid. Comparing the resolution or framerate is nonsense. The sensor is the part that defines the quality of a camera.
E.g. the rpi hq camera and any other low budget camera (~40$) are 1080@30. The rpi hq camera sensor is far superior and thus delivers a much better image.

If the microsoft cam has a better sensor and some other good features like autofocus, support for win/mac/linus it might be competitive