Microsoft Office 2013 single use for lifetime of PC, how to get around their control

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Aug 3, 2014
I am trying to learn if it is possible to save Microsoft Office 2013 to more than one HHD, or SSD when I have my computer in RAID configuration? If ever the need should occur, and I have to wipe off my hard drive because of a virus, then I want a back up. I know Microsoft does not care if you lose your software, because it means more money for them.



Microsoft do care if you lose your software. That is why they will allow you to download a copy for reinstallation if necessary. The important part is the key, so keep a written copy of that.

It would be permissible to install more than one copy on the same computer, as long as it is used by only one person, which covers your RAID scenario. However, it is a waste of disk space to install easily replaced software on mirrored disks.

The licencing terms for Office 2013 are actually very sensible. But if you still resent Microsoft as just a money-grabbing entity there is no law compelling you to buy and use their software. The choice is yours.
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