Microsoft Office Problem - "There was a problem while sending the command to the program"


Dec 23, 2016
Hey there everyone,

I recently purchased Microsoft Office, but i'm actually having issues with it and i can't figure out the problem. Basically whenever I open up a document, I get the following message "There was a problem while sending the command to the program". I've done some research, and looked up forums, but i still haven't found a fix. I've tried deleting the data from the registry, disabling DDE, and reinstalling the program itself. Nothing has worked so far. However, if I open Microsoft Word on it's own, and then selecting any document from the recent sidebar, the message does not appear. It should also be noted that I have it linked to my OneDrive. However I don't think this is a problem, as the message appears even from locally saved documents. I might be wrong though. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Software is Microsoft Office 2016 (updated) and Windows 10.