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Nov 21, 2021
OneDrive works great on paper. However, in real life, OneDrive is balky, temperamental and uncooperative way more often than a Microsoft product should be. I also use Dropbox, and for people who don't necessarily crave security that is tighter than OneDrive's and/or people who aren't, for emotional or practical reasons, committed to using Microsoft Office (instead of, e.g., LibreOffice), Dropbox, in contrast to OneDrive, just works. Dropbox has its own additional features that their team has been developing, and their consumer cloud plans have roughly analogous storage and features and are similarly priced.
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Dec 26, 2021
I wish I could go back in time and change my decision to use the OneDrive cloud service beyond the free drive space.

First, when initially connecting and transferring files, expect it to be a laborious process. And, be aware of the fact that there may be issues with corruption of files. Only now have I learned about 0 bite files. I lots hours and hours of work because only after I updated all my external backup did I come to realize that the folder and files that seemed fine were actually corrupted but during the upload to One drive.

Second, I often have to shut off the syncing process because One Drive will interfere with other programs such as online conferencing. Many files are not accessible unless I organize them prior to pausing this. It has required a great deal of additional planning to be marginally useful.

Sadly, years ago I recall there being similar issues but I thought a wealthy company such as this would have resolved these issues. In practice, this program functions so poorly, I would be embarrassed to sell it to people.

I tried numerous times to contact Microsoft about these issues spend hours on the phone repeating myself and have not received any responses to email/message communications.