News Microsoft releases emergency security fix for PrintNightmare flaw — what to do

Jul 8, 2021
I am sick of the LIE that Microsoft has issued a patch for windows 7 being available being perpetuated! This is not True.
The truth is that ONLY Windows 7 ENTERPRISE systems WITH an extended support (which can ONLY be purchased through a bulk business license) can apply critical patch updates! They state so in the "prerequisite section" of the official patch. We need to expose this blatant lie that Windows 7 in general has a patch available to them.
I alone know dozens of people that don't have the money/ wherewithal to buy a new computer, OS, or go through the upgrade process. For one, ALL old laptops had their multimedia destroyed when MS stopped supporting the audio mfrs drivers in one of the Windows 7 cumulative updates. You can't even listen to MP3s without severe audio stutter. That's another topic, but yet one more thing that MS broke so that upgrading to windows 10 is out of the question for any laptop not specifically built for windows 10.
Here some of the nitty-gritty:

The PrintNightmare patch for Windows 7 while having been created, ultimately won't do you any good if you have Windows 7. After spending half a day trying to install the patches I discovered the truth. Microsoft finally figured out how to screw us out of security updates. Yes, the security update is still created, but you won't be able to install it unless you have an "ESU MAK key". You get this ESU (extended security updates) MAK key ONLY IF YOU PURCHASE EXTENDED SUPPORT FROM MICROSOFT!!! And you can't purchase said support if you don't already have a business version (EG ENTERPRISE, SERVER, ETC) that isn't sold to the public in the first place and only available via bulk business licensing!
I can confirm the following "error" which happened no matter what I did. After researching it fully, I found in the find print that they proudly state, "After installing this update and restarting your device, you might receive the error, “Failure to configure Windows updates. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer,” and the update might show as Failed in Update History.
THIS IS EXPECTED in the following circumstances:
If you do not have an ESU MAK add-on key installed and activated.
They have a link where you find out more about ESUs and you find out:
"How can I purchase ESUs? Extended Security Updates are available through specific volume licensing programs. "