News Microsoft Surface Go 3 alleged leak teases a big performance upgrade


Dec 11, 2008
Several online tech periodicals have been sharing the idea that the Surface Go 3 will have a quad-core processor based on the fact that it purportedly has a Intel Core i3-10100Y. To weigh on that and offer a different perspective, according to Intel's own ARK database (Intel Core i310100Y Processor 4M Cache up to 3.90 GHz Product Specifications), the Intel Core i3-10100Y is described as a dual-core, four-thread processor similar to previous Surface Go 2's m3 processor. What has likely happened is many are confusing the Core i3-10100Y with the similarly named Core i3-10100 which is a quad-core product (Intel Core i310100 Processor 6M Cache up to 4.30 GHz Product Specifications).