News Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is coming — here’s why I’m not upgrading

Apr 11, 2021
"Plus, there’s the issue of disposing of your existing machine responsibly..." I think everyone has a shelf of abandoned Microsoft products that they haven't gotten around to disposing. And,similar to your OnePlus 7 Pro , I have a perfectly usable Microsoft Lumia 640 phone that still meets my needs, but now requires an updated browser. Too bad though, because Microsoft can't marshal the resources to keep one update server running somewhere in the world. I appreciate that they no longer wanted to maintain the "Store", but even at its peak, there were only a couple of apps that I downloaded. All I need is a browser update and maybe a way to restore my existing Windows Phone OS should it take an OS dump. So, looks like I'll be discarding yet another piece of still usable Microsoft tech into the world's waste stream, hopefully at a local recycling day. And, since Apple seems to support their phones and pc's longer than anyone else, can you guess where my dollars will drop?