Microsoft Surface Pro 9 — the upgrades I want to see

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Jul 14, 2006
I disagree with removing the Surface Connector port... being a magnetic quick-connect is handy; I never have trouble connecting it without seeing the port. Additionally, the devices that use it are expensive to replace simply to remove a port off the device. Both sides of the tablet have ample room in the design of the SP8 for additional ports if desired on the SP9. Finally I think the design of the port may (this is pontification and not necessarily fact) allow MS to support silent hot-plug scenarios without hearing devices being hooked and dropped all at once off something like the Dock.

However if the compromise was a redesigned port that provided USB4 channels then I would consider it. Even better if they can use the same size and pin count and provide backwards compatibility with older accessories.
Jan 31, 2022
I love the Surface Connector, having accidentally yanked the cord without bringing the computer with it. I'd like these:
  1. A better dock,
  2. Better display scaling for (a) second/third monitor (s),
  3. Software keyboard integrating Swiftkey & Dragon Naturally Speaking,
  4. Ports on the left side and magnetic snapping area for the pen on the right and top (so vertical orientation rotates the right side to the bottom and the key cover to the left), and
  5. A hand strap integrated with the keyboard, which is disabled when folded back.
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