Question Microsoft Team Video Breakage Issue


Jan 29, 2020
Hi Experts,

We are facing a very weird issue with one of our users having an iPhone 11 (Version 14.3).

She uses to connect Microsoft Team for Video-Based Chat Conference/Meeting with other users and the device is connected with Office WIFI Network (Unifi Network Unifi Information Unifi AP-AC-PRO Device Version: Controller Version: 5.14.23).

For the past couples of days during the meeting call stuck and delayed video stream means voice is delivering but video stuck kind of issues are occurring however in the first phase of steps we have checked WIFI settings like change Access Point, Update and Downgrade Firmware of WIFI (As some expert at Unifi Community suggested to Downgrade WIFI Firmware) (

I knew its very difficult to find out the real culprit as multiple devices and factors are included like iPhone, IOS Version, Microsoft Team Application, WIFI Setup, and most importantly to isolate the problem is a big challenge.

Therefore I am writing on a different forum to find out the real clue

Are there any settings especially on the iPhone side we can see and troubleshoot and this forum is purely related to iPhone experts?
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