Mid tier headphone comparison


Jan 2, 2014
Hey guys, just looking for recommendation for headphones and new here in general. Didn't find any comparison of the following 4 headphones so thought I'd ask directly:

1. B&O H6 2nd Gen
2. B&W P7
3. Beyerdynamic T5P
4. Beyerdynamic T70P

I plan to use these directly without an amp with a Samsung S7. I currently own the V Moda M-100 and use them unamped too (and generally pretty happy with the sound, but do realize better options exist). I generally prefer a warmer, livelier sound as opposed a neutral sensheisser studio kind sound. The kind of music I listen to varies from trip hop (massive attack), alternative (radiohead), industrial / rock (nine inch nails) to classical.

Realize that T5P are much more expensive than the rest but if they're worth the extra cost, I'm definitely open to shelling out more. Also if someone had any other options in mind besides these 4, would appreciate those too.

Thanks so much for your help in advance.


not sure about those particular cans but you may want to check headfi for some comparisions and general impressions.

the sennheiser mid level (hd600, 650, etc) are a bit on the warm side.

if at all possible i'd suggest trying to hear them in person for a comparision yourself.
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