Mini-DV & Professional/Broadcast Quality?


Jan 16, 2002
Hello folks.

Any guidance in answering the following questions, including referring me to specific books or articles, will be greatly appreciated!

Whose "professional quality" and "broadcast quality" audio and video "technical specification standards and requirements" can a program originally taped in a Mini-DV format at least potentially end up meeting? (How about for a program originally taped in a DV format?)

- Internet TV stations?
- Local Cable TV stations (Local Access)?
- Local TV stations?
- PBS TV stations?
- National Cable/Satellite TV stations?
- National TV Stations?

- Movie to be transferred to film for release in movie theaters (and later transferred to video tapes and DVDs, and later broadcast on television)?

- Various types of programs (including Made-for-TV Movies, Sit Coms, Soap Operas, Documentaries, Cartoons, the News)?

- All of the above?

Thanks much as always,


There is no Official standard for Broadcast quality. In meany cases a TV station will accept any thing that look prefessional and I have seen cases they accepted material from Hi8 analog cameras and worse.

But there are recomendations and what is almost a written standard.
TV is filemd edited and done in 4:2:2 format. That is done from menay reasons.

So to answer your question :
1. Mini DV and DV is exactly the same. The only diferance is the size of the tape.
2. There are variants of the DV standard that have better quality. This are the Sony DVCam where the tape role in double the speed what give less chance for frame dropes and the Panasonic DVC-Pro/DVC-50 where the tape not only role in double the speed of DVCam but also uses 4:2:2 variant on the DV and the DVC-50 uses also double data rate for less compression and better quality.
3. DV/MiniDV/DVCam are not 4:2:2 and not considerd to be broadcast quality. Still lot's of TV stations use them for meany tasks.

Movie to be released to Theaters is again somthing diferant. Blowing video into Film is done all the time but it's better to film HighDef progressive from start. You might want to join chats at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> where discssions on that matter come all the time, you have people there how triad it and can explain the issues very good.

Transfering to DVD is again diferant. It's better to do from the original video and not from film. Same from going to TV.
DVD is LESS quality then DV !!!

TV stations are normaly using other equipment then DV.
They will use from the analog BetaCam SP to digital Betacam with all the vatiants in the middle.
(BetaCam SX, DVC-Pro, DVC-50, MII)

And cartoons are done in stop-motion. That is a whole diferant area.

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