News Mini just made EV charging a whole lot easier — here's how


I currently have a Mini. '07 convetible, bought 18 months ago. Fun car.
Looking at replacing it in the next couple of years. Possibly something electric. Maybe even a Mini E.

The Tech Lords have completely screwed the pooch on this electric stuff.

"The fact that you won’t need multiple accounts, or lots of apps, should streamline the process of charging "

I need multiple accounts and apps on my phone, just to recharge the thing? I don't know if the ecosystem in the US is the same, but this is a deal breaker.

Currently, I go to a gas station, give them money, either actual cash or my one credit card, and the thing gives me gas.
I do not need a different app for each specific gas station chain I go to.

"Mini will also be offering a ‘sharing’ option. This will let you share your Mini with up to 10 other users. The idea could prove to be popular, "

Sharing? You mean I have to ask the overlords in Oxford and Munich if I can loan the thing to my daughter?
Another deal breaker.
"Here, child. Go. Do. Don't crash it, and don't bring it back empty."
What is this "let you share" foolishness?